Dr Olufunmilayo accused of fabricating a tweet and making it go viral to smear a woman’s name

A Facebook user has accused popular Twitter doctor, Olufunmilayo of fabricating a tweet to smear her name.

Nkechi Bianze, a writer on Facebook, had shared a screenshot of a tweet flying around with her name on it and issued a disclaimer that she never posted such.

The viral tweet in question was made to look like it was tweeted from Nkechi’s Twitter account and it led to people calling her out.

Days after denying the tweet, Nkechi has now come out to claim that she carried out an investigation and she discovered Dr Olufunmilayo was the one who doctored a tweet and put her name on it to set her up for criticisms.

Nkechi alleged:

So, I’ve been digging. And, apparently, the person who FORGED that Tweet in my name is you people’s Dr.Olufunmilayo on Twitter.

The imbecile went through the pains of forging a tweet, stamping my name on it and quoting the tweet on his Twitter handle to start a smear campaign against me.

Before then, he blocked me to stop me from attempting to defend myself.

I don’t know this guy, never been to his Twitter handle because I’m seldom on Twitter and never had any interaction with him. Just some screenshots of some of his tweets I see flying around on Facebook.

The length humans would go though.

Whoever can reach him should help me screenshot this post and send to him, that I wish he figures out a way to find some peace in his life. Because it takes an extreme level of sadness to go this low.

– Nkechi Bianze

Olufunmilayo is yet to respond to the allegation. 

See Nkechi ‘s posts below.

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